The Advantages of Having a Wedding Sand Ceremony


The day we decide to commit and spend the rest of our remaining days with our significant other is definitely one if not the most special day in our life. Our wedding day is when we start and open a new chapter. A chapter that is full of life lessons, memorable experiences, and love.

When it comes to wedding celebrations, it is a well-known fact that there are plenty of beautiful practices/ ceremonies. These ceremonies make weddings extra special and memorable. Of all the union practices observed during the bond of two lovers, the wedding sand ceremony is probably the most popular.

Compared to other union practices, the sand ceremony wedding is very unique and symbolic. Once you make the decision to incorporate this into your wedding day, you and your partner will love the fact that you can personalize your unity candle ceremony. Although this union ceremony is best for beach weddings, it works just as great on traditional weddings.

This union practice is called a wedding sand ceremony for a reason- it is because the symbol used to represent the bride and groom’s love and bond for each other is none other than sand. You will have to choose a color that you think best depicts your love for your significant other. This also applies for your partner. Once you and your partner picks a color, the colored sands will then be placed inside 2 vials. During your wedding day after you and your partner exchanges rings, you will then pour these colored sands and mix them on a clear vase. This vase together with the colored sand will represent your love for each other and at the same time, remind you and your partner of your union. To know more about the advantages of having a Wedding Sand ceremony, visit

The good thing about Unity Sand wedding ceremony is the fact that the families of both the bride and the groom will be more involved during their special day. Both the parents of the groom and bride will be encouraged to choose a color that will represent their blessing. When you decide to incorporate a  wedding sand ceremony into your big day, you will have a memorabilia of your vows for each other. The vase filled with different colors of sand will remind you and your partner of your love for each other and at the same time tell you that both of your families are glad that you are now together.

If you are now thinking of incorporating a wedding sand ceremony into your special day, I suggest that you take time to plan everything. When doing so, try to look or create the best vase and sand vials fr your big day. The last step is to share this amazing idea with your partner and with your families.